CNG trailers for sale best industrial compressed natural gas tank trailers

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Price range: $65,000-$88,500 due to different Specs.

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Advantages of CNG trailers :

  •  Seamless structure provides the most reliable guarantee for operation safety.
  •  The container has a large volume capacity which can reduce transportation turnover and improve working efficiency.
  •  Large size structure allows for a reduction in the number of valves and pipes, in order to reduce the risk of leakage.
  •  The CNG tube transport truck tank semi-trailer has a gas supply device which can be directly provided with natural gas fuel for energy saving.


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Transportation medium: Compressed Natural Gas tube/bottle pressure vessels.

Each tube has: 11582mm length, 559mm diameter. Quality Filling: 5400N/m3


Transportation medium: Compressed Natural Gas tube/bottle pressure vessels.

Each tube has: 12190mm length, 711mm diameter. Quality Filling: 6300N/m3

Tube Bundle Container Cylinder
Item Item
Tare weight 30740Kgs

(Include chassis)

Working pressure 25MPa
Filling quality 4410Kg Working temperature -50~65 d C
Total weight 35150Kgs

(Include chassis)

Main material 30CrMoLX
Major risk category 2.1 Cylinder QTY 6 or 8
UN code 1049  Total volume  19.6M3
Filling medium CNG  Pressure for water pressure test  37.5MPa
Gas tightness test pressure 25Mpa  Dimension(mm)  N x11570
Pipeline water

pressure test pressure

 37.5MPa  Design temperature  65 d C
 Filling amount  6174Nm3  Medium property  Explosive
 Overall dimension (mm) 12450*2480*3460 (8 tubes)

13000*2480*3140 (6 tubes)

 Bursting discs  Burst pressure   37.5MPa
Transporting Highway combined


Bursting disc device

discharge aperture

Design service life Fifteen years  ≥20
Axle 3 Axles, 13 Tons FUWA brand
Tire 13 pcs, include one spare tire


Material: Steel

Size: 9500-13500x2500x3900

Max Payload: 30~60T

Place of Origin: Shandong, China

Brand Name: TRUCKIK

Quality Filling: 5400N/m3-6300N/m3

Total Mass: 37820-40000kg

Payload: 3500-4340kg

Curb Weight: 34320-35660kg

Volume: 21.4-25.02 cbm

Certification: ISO, CCC

Construction Material Serial: Pressure Vessel Steel

Main Beam: Q345 carbon steel, Welding Design

Axle Brand: 13TON Axle BPW/FUWA Brand

Brake System: WABCO RE6 relay valve T30/30+T30 Spring brake chamber, 45L air chamber

Why choose Truckik?


To lower the price, we manage to reduce costs, especially the marketing costs, but never reduce the quality.


We manage to provide the most cost-effective truck trailers, reliable quality will earn more profits for their owner.


With advanced manufacturing equipment and skilled workers, we can provide high quality truck trailers continuously.


Our trailers are highly customizable, we will offer professional design drawing to confirm order.

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